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Healthy Holidays

As we enter November we can no longer deny that the holidays are here. A good goal during the holiday season should be to maintain your current weight, or to not gain any weight. I believe this to be an attainable goal that allows you to enjoy the holiday season without harming your health or progress. This time of year is famous for the weight gain but you do not have to be one of those people. Follow these simple tips to have a healthier holiday!

  1. The most important rule to maintaining your weight during these delicious months is to GET MOVING!!
  2. Don’t eat until you’re completely stuffed. Instead enjoy the festivities multiple times through the day with smaller plates. This allows your metabolism to work at a healthy pace.
  3. Make some healthy food choices. If you no your dinner will be full of fat and carbs try to eat healthy throughout the day.
  4. Give and take. If you are going to be drinking all night plan a good sweat the following day. Hydrate lots before. If you plan to feast on desert maybe have a lighter dinner.

To summarize, you can enjoy the wonderful holiday season without blowing up! Make healthy choices without restrictions. Enjoy the holidays but do not neglect to sweat!