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2020 Year End and 2021 Forecast for Fitness Club Merritt Island Facilities


Dear Members,
We want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and patronage throughout 2020. We are sharing with you our year-end review and what is to come in the New Year. Here is our 2020 Year-End and 2021 Forecast for Fitness Club Merritt Island Facilities
Accomplishments of 2020,
Expanded the 520 location with
o a larger classroom, with new flooring
o additional treadmills and two stair masters
o heavy lifting room, with new racks
o changing area for the pool
o Additional cleaning stations throughout gym
o Upholstered worn or torn machine seats/backrest/benches
Added touchless paper towel and soap dispensers
• Angel Tree
o Our member’s generosity contributed to Friends of Children of Brevard, who work to improve the lives of abused, abandoned, and neglected children of our community!
o There were 2500 requests directly from these kids. Volunteers collected 3000. All distributed to the children and their siblings! Amazing during such an unheard-of time. Thank you for helping us support this incredible charity, and congratulations on being a part of surpassing the goal.
Fitness Club Merritt Island hired more employees at both facilities, increasing needed jobs in our community.

• Additional certified professional trainers and instructors to our fantastic team to help our members reach their fitness goals.

• Opened a second location in October.
o The 520 location was becoming crowded, and we decided to take the chance and open a second facility.
o We plan on continuing to operate both clubs to prevent overcrowding and a pleasant experience.

Forecast for 2021

Listed below will significantly depend on the current pandemic and economics.

• The balance of our weights should arrive for the North location in the first quarter.
o The pandemic has affected the factories making the weights purchased in September.
• Mirrors to the heavy lifting room at 520.
• Hammer Strength Platforms to 520
• Purchase a Women’s powerlifting bar for 520
• Buy an Olympic bar for the North club
• Purchase a set of Kettlebells for the North club
• Add a bunch of step-up boxes to the North club
• Advanced class, HITT Step and YIN Yoga, is coming in 2021 to the North location.
• Equipment at 520 Club will be inspected and maintained and, if needed, either touched up, replaced, or refurbished.

• Highly anticipated new services-

o Ultrasonic Cavitation – ultrasound used to break down fat cells.
o RF Skin Tightening- Non-surgical method of tightening your skin
o Microcurrent
o Electromagnetic Muscle stimulation (EMS)- Whether you want to activate your muscle and improve your fitness performance, quicken muscle recovery, or massage away everyday aches and pains. EMS is also a fantastic tool for weight loss when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
o Vacuum and cupping therapy- Dates back 5000 years, used to promote natural healing.

We are looking forward to putting a check next to those requests and needs. Thank you for being a part of our fitness family. I hope you enjoyed all of the 2020 Year End and 2021 Forecast for Fitness Club Merritt Island Facilities accomplishments and plans to come.